Craft Beers

Salt Spring Island Ales Dry Porter craft beer

Dry Porter

5.5% ALC/VOL, 38 IBU. An unusually dry and refreshing take on the Porter style. Notes of espresso and dark chocolate make this beer dark & delightful, while its crisp hop ‘snap’ keeps it from being too heavy. Enjoy this beer on its own, or with deep flavours such as roasted lamb, blue cheese & dates or anything chocolatey.

Salt Spring Island Ales Extra Special Bitters ESB craft beer

Extra Special Bitter

5.5% ALC/VOL, 40 IBU. Our Salt Spring take on the classic ‘ESB’ style features a beautiful balance of aromatic hops & toasty, caramelly organic malts. Bold, yet not overpowering, this is an wonderful English-style ‘session’ ale – perfect on its own or paired with classic pub fare such as burgers, pizza, meat pies or a ploughman’s plate.

Salt Spring Island Ales Golden Ale IPA craft beer

Golden Ale

5% ALC/VOL, 12 IBU. Made with the finest organic Canadian 2-row barley and hops from Salt Spring Island and the Pacific Northwest. This highly drinkable ‘session’ ale has a beautiful golden colour, a distinct toasty & nutty flavor and a crisp, citrusy hop finish. 3-time National Gold medal winner at the Canadian Brewing Awards. Enjoy with hard cheeses, goat cheese, grilled meats & fish, pub fare, Mediterranean & Asian cuisines. The perfect Summertime patio beer!

Salt Spring Island Ales Earl Grey India Pale Ale IPA craft beer

Earl Grey India Pale Ale

7% ALC/VOL, 45 IBU. Tea-time meets happy-hour with this bergamot-infused, British-style IPA. A flavourful balance of crisp hop bitterness and malty caramel sweetness, fronted by beautiful floral & citrus aromas.

Salt Spring Island Ales Heather Ale craft beer, available in bottles and cans

Heather Ale

5% ALC/VOL, 15 IBU. An ancient brew dating back over 4000 years, Heather Ale is most often attributed to the Picts of ancient Scotland, who are said to have drunk Heather Ale for courage before going into battle. Infused with local heather flowers and a sparing amount of hops, our Heather Ale has a mild floral & honey aroma, a slight mead or cider-like character & very light hop notes to produce a crisp finish. A light beer, best paired with fresh & delicate foods such as scallops, prawns, ceviche, goats cheese or fresh fruit. This is the ideal beer for those who prefer a lighter, more delicate brew with very little bitterness.

Salt Spring Island Ales British seasonal craft beer

British Pale Ale

6% ALC/VOL, 42 IBU. At our humble cottage brewery, we’ve crafted a remarkably smooth, easy-drinking IPA for both the early enthusiast and experienced hop-head alike. Its notably thicker mouthfeel is typical of its British style, and we pride ourselves on its beautifully balanced flavour and lushness. The charming pastures of our island await you; stay for a beer, and find yourself here!

Craft Beers

Salt Spring Island Ales Fireside Ale seasonal craft beer

Fireside Winter Ale

7% ALC/VOL, 54 IBU. Salt Spring’s Fireside Ale is a very limited winter seasonal release. Made in the traditional English ‘Winter Warmer’ style, this ruby-coloured ale has a complex fruity nose and flavours of cooked fruit, toffee and malt. A low hop bitterness and slightly dry, acidic finish provides contrast to the light sweetness, which leaves you wanting more. Meant for sipping & savouring, this ale pairs wonderfully with soft & semi-hard cheeses, wild meats & fowl, caramelized desserts and other holiday fare. Limited release available early November.

Salt Spring Island Ales Rye India Pale Ale IPA seasonal craft beer

Rye India Pale Ale

46 IBU. Dark. Robust. Spicy. Our Rye IPA presents itself with deep malty caramel balanced by spicy rye and an underlying hop bitterness. Brewed with a staggering 33% rye malt and an extra long boil to create a rich caramel character. Our Rye IPA perfectly celebrates our Canadian heritage grain and love of West Coast IPAs. Limited release available early November.

Salt Spring Island Ales Creme Brulee Vanila Stout seasonal craft beer

Creme Brulee Vanilla Stout

8% ALC/VOL, 54 IBU. Rich flavours of organic ground vanilla combine with roasted barley tones hinting at chocolate and coffee in this flavour packed milk stout. Creamy mouthfeel and a huge aroma complete the sensory experience. Tastes like dessert and packs a punch – a great sipper for a cold winter evening. Limited release available early December.

Salt Spring Island Ales Whale Tale India Pale Ale IPA seasonal craft beer

Whale Tale Amber Ale

45 IBU. A North American style Amber Ale, brewed with our own fresh, whole-cone, estate-grown Mount Hood, Cascade and Nugget hops. Bold, with a pleasantly ‘green’ fresh-hop aroma and a nice bitter snap, this beer is balanced by deep flavours of aromatic specialty malts. Notes of caramel, citrus, biscuit, toffee. Originally brewed for Moby’s pub on Salt Spring Island, our estate-hopped Whale Tale Amber Ale is as local as local gets. Limited release available late September.

Salt Spring Island Ales Rye Bock German-Style Maibock seasonal craft beer

Rye Bock

7.4% ALC/VOL, 23 IBU. After 19 years of exclusively brewing ales, we’re proud to present our Rye Bock Lager. True to its traditional German roots, this smooth lovechild of Canadian rye and Old World malt flavours gives a pleasantly round, fruit-forward profile. Bock haben? This lively lager will make fine friends with your cheese platter, spicy dishes, and sweet, white desserts. And at 7.4% abv, it’s sure to keep your spring festivities hoppin’ (lightly) all night long. Prost! Summer limited release.

Salt Spring Island Ales Saturnalia Gruit seasonal craft beer

Saturnalia Gruit

5% ALC/VOL, 8 IBU. Before beer, it was Gruit. For more than 700 years, Gruit Ale was the brewed beverage of medieval Europe. Like today’s beer, it was brewed with water, grain and yeast. Unlike today’s beer, it was spiced with any number of herbs, roots and spices. The Hop, which is now the quintessential aromatic and bittering herb of our contemporary beers, was once only one of many herbs sometimes used by brewers in their recipes. Saturnalia Gruit is made without hops – using wild-crafted herbs and a little ‘magik’. Complex, fruity and herbaceous, this is a must-try beverage in a class by itself! Fall limited release.

Salt Spring Island Ales Spring Fever Gruit Ancient Ale seasonal craft beer

Spring Fever Gruit

5.2% ALC/VOL, 8 IBU. Passed down in families or jealously guarded by monasteries, Gruit Ale recipes come from an era when beer was flavoured with a variety of herbs & spices. Developed with the help of Salt Spring’s ‘Wild Seed School of Herbal Studies’, our Spring Fever Gruit is made without hops – using wildcrafted herbs and a little ‘lunar magik’. It was brewed on the full moon – said to maximize botanical essences. Bright, cider-like flavours, a floral/clover nose and a slight sweetness make our Spring Gruit uniquely different & refreshing. Spring limited release.

Salt Spring Island Ales Apple Belgian seasonal craft beer

Apple Belgian

6% ALC/VOL, 13 IBU. Two parts nostalgia and four parts temptation, our Apple Belgian was brewed for the beer-drinking, nature-seeking wild child in you. Made with crystal hops, specialty malts, and 100% pure BC apple juice, this crisp summer ale boasts rounded flavours with subtle hints of spice and malt sweetness. It’s no easy feat, capturing the taste of a laid-back, island summer from orchard to bottle, so we’d like to honour our head brewer, Heather Kilbourne, fo doing just that. We’re grateful for all her bold and inspiring contributions to Cascadian craft, such as this one, and as a pioneer for women in brewing. From our island to yours, we hope all your adventures are wild, and that you find something magical behind every door – just as nature intended. Available in 650ml bombers and draught. Limited summer release.

Salt Spring Island Ales Hazy IPA seasonal craft beer

Hazy IPA

6.6% ALC/VOL, 33 IBU. Reminiscent of Mount Bruce’s misty mountain tops, this hazy beer is an homage to Salt Spring Island’s cool spring mornings but is best enjoyed during long, warm summer nights. Low on bitterness and high on flavour, our take on a North East India Pale Ale features notes of peach and grapefruit. Unfiltered, unprocessed, straight from the tank and into the bottle – get on board the hazy train! Limited Spring Release. Available in draught only in our Tasting Room.

Salt Spring Island Ales Nettle Ale seasonal craft beer

Nettle Ale

5.5% ALC/VOL, 18 IBU. Our beloved Nettle Ale is brewed with Salt Spring Island-foraged stinging nettle and BC honey. Deep in copper colour, and with an earthiness that is balanced with just the right amount of hops and honey sweetness, your palate will be blown away by its complexity. Do yourself a favour and join us in our tasting room for a taste off this truly unique brew carefully designed (literally ~ without getting stung) by our brewer Heather Kilbourne. Limited Spring Release. Available in draught only in our Tasting Room.

Salt Spring Island Ales Raspberry Wheat Ale seasonal craft beer

Raspberry Wheat Ale

Limited summer release. Available in draught only at The Port Renfrew Pub.